Who Can Lodge a Complaint

Any person aggrieved by the following actions of any functionary of the Department / Commission / Corporation of the Government of Sindh or Institution established or controlled by the Government of Sindh:

a decision, process, recommendation, act of omission or commission which:

  • is contrary to law, rules or regulations or is a departure from established practice or procedure, unless it is bona fide and for valid reasons; or
  • is perverse, arbitrary or unreasonable, unjust, biased, oppressive, or discriminatory; or
  • is based on irrelevant grounds; or
  • involves the exercise of powers or the failure or refusal to do so, for corrupt or improper motives, such as, bribery jobbery, favouritism, nepotism and administrative excesses; and
  • neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency and ineptitude, in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibilities.
  • Mode Of Complaint

    A complaint written in English Urdu or Sindhi may be lodged with the Head Office or any of the Regional Offices (whose addresses appear at the Home Page) on Form A or by any of the following means :-

  • By email (mohtasibhd@yahoo.com)
  • Online through our website
  • Via postal mail
  • In-person
  • Prior to filing a complaint with the Provincial Ombudsman (Mohtasib) Sindh, attempt to resolve the issue by first approaching the concerned higher authorities. Attach relevant documents, including recent correspondence with the Agency and a copy of your National Identity Card, to your complaint.

    Have Any Complaint?

    We work towards resolving complaints and delivering relief to the public by conducting objective investigations into the issues raised.