Children’s Complaints Office of the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh

The Children’s Complaints Office (CCO) has been established to bridge an existing gap in terms of a Children-specific grievance redressal mechanism in the administrative justice sector in Sindh

Initially the CCO was collaborated by UNICEF but for last one decade it is being successfully run by POS

The main objectives for setting up the CCO are:

    To establish a dedicated redress and response system for complaints related to and by Children, against maladministration by any Provincial Agency, institution or public body;

    To provide a platform for addressing Child related issues through research, advocacy and engagement with Children and other stakeholders on Children’s Rights;

    To enable the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh to advise the Provincial Government on systemic issues which impact the Rights of Children and compliance with the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Have Any Complaint?

We work towards resolving complaints and delivering relief to the public by conducting objective investigations into the issues raised.