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Making a Complaint

Who Can Lodge a Complaint?

Any person aggrieved by the following actions of any functionary of the Department / Commission / Corporation of the Government of Sindh or Institution established or controlled by the Government of Sindh:  

a decision, process, recommendation, act of omission or commission which: 

  • is contrary to law, rules or regulations or is a departure from established practice or procedure, unless it is bona fide and for valid reasons; or
  • is perverse, arbitrary or unreasonable, unjust, biased, oppressive, or discriminatory; or
  • is based on irrelevant grounds; or
  • involves the exercise of powers or the failure or refusal to do so, for corrupt or improper motives, such as, bribery jobbery, favouritism, nepotism and administrative excesses; and
  • neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency and ineptitude, in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibilities.

How To Lodge a Complaint?

1. A complaint written in English or Urdu may be lodged with the Head Office or any of the Regional Offices (whose addresses appear at the Home Page) on Form 'A' or by any of the following means :-

  • By personal presentation to the Mohtasib Sindh who generally meets complainants daily; or
  • By presenting it to the Director-General or a senior officer who has been specifically authorised in this behalf; or
  • By presenting it in the Central Registry of the Secretariat; or
  • By post; or
  • By fax; or
  • By e-mail; or
  • By any other means of communication.

2.  Normally approach to higher authorities of the concerned Agency for redress of grievance is required before making a complaint to the Mohtasib Sindh, so as to give them an opportunity of doing so. 

3. Copies of relevant documents including the latest correspondence with the Agency and copy of the National Identity Card should, if possible, be annexed to the complaint.

4. On personal presentation of the complaint in any of the Offices of Mohtasib Sindh (Provincial Ombudsman Sindh) Secretariat, a receipt is issued immediately. However, in case of submitting the complaint by any other means, receipt is issued within 72 hours of receipt which will be sent to the complainant (if a properly addressed envelope has been included with the complaint.).  For other means of obtaining a receipt please call trhe central registry office.


Nature of Complaints Which Cannot be Filed in the Provincial Mohtasib (Ombudsman) Secretariat 

Complaints regarding matters mentioned cannot be filed before Mohtasib Sindh (Provincial Ombudsman Sindh):-

  • matters which are sub-judice before a court of competent jurisdiction or tribunal or board in Pakistan on the date of the receipt of a complaint;
  • matters which relate to the external affairs of Pakistan or the relations or dealings of Pakistan with any foreign state or government;
  • matters which relate to, or are connected with the defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, the military, naval and air forces of Pakistan, or the matters covered by the laws relating to those forces;
  • complaints by or on behalf of a public servant or functionary concerning any matters relating to the Agency in which he is, or has been, working in respect of any personal grievance relating to his service therein.

However, on receipt of such complaints, reasons for not entertaining them are invariably communicated within 60 days.



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